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Kirkit Hotel

Not far from the river Kizilirmak, in the heart of old Avanos, Kirkit Hotel is a pleasant ensemble of semi-cave old Anatolian houses, tastefully restored and set around a central courtyard, with a  particularly friendly atmosphere. You’ll be sure to meet interesting people there as Kirkit Hotel is more for travellers that take their time to visit the area and not just speed through.
Although the hotel offers the comfort of a boutique hotel, its reasonable rates allows solo visitors as well as families to spend some time in this special environment.  
In summer and when weather permits, meals (breakfast and dinner) are served in the courtyard.  
The chef prepares varied and hearty traditional Cappadocian meals with which you can enjoy the local wines or raki. After dinner, the courtyard fills with lively music played by traditional musicians making you want to get up and dance. In winter, meals are served in a cave in a cosy ambiance.
Kirkit Hotel is meticulously kept. Its team accords great importance to keeping the intimate family atmosphere with a quality and professional welcoming.

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